5 Reasons Why Natural Wood is The Best Option for Interior Paneling And Wall Panels

Spring has sprung and the world as we know it is waking back up, flowers are starting to bloom, bees are buzzing and spring projects are being sketched out and budgeted! With all this buzz in the air, it’s the perfect time to talk about why your current home, or new space (and yourself included) would benefit from using natural wood paneling in your interiors.

There are many financial, environmental and aesthetic benefits to choosing wood wall panels for your interior paneling. These should all be taken into consideration when planning a remodel or new building project. You’ve seen wood paneling in every place from local cafes, to luxury hotels to small businesses and it works every time, anywhere you put it. So don’t let yourself miss out on all the benefits! 

Western Red Cedar Interior Paneling Option for Wood Wall Panels, Feature Walls, Doors, Cabinets and Trim.

One of the biggest reasons that people choose wood interiors time and time again is because of its durability. Whether you opt for Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Douglas Fir or Pine you know that you’re getting high quality wood that will last years and years and years, all while maintaining its original beauty.

Paint has the tendency to flake and scratch, while wallpaper tends to peel and yellow. Natural wood paneling has none of those issues and does not require much upkeep/maintenance. You can make your own DIY wood cleaner made out of 1 cup of water, ¼ cup of vinegar, ½ cup of mineral oils and 20 drops of lemon essential oil mixed together in a spray bottle according to Mrs. Clean. 

Another great reason to go with natural wood paneling is that it isn’t just decorative – by protecting your walls from damage, it also serves a functional purpose. Impact-resistant paneling is less likely to be dented, scratched or otherwise banged up. Which happens so easily in everyday life, especially when you add children, pets, heavy traffic, or all three to your space. And when it does start showing signs of wear and tear, it’s easier to clean or replace a section of paneling than it is to repair drywall. 

Want to save on your electricity bill? Well then another fantastic reason to go with wood paneling is that wood is known to be a natural insulator. Wood is natural insulation because it has a porous inner structure creating areas which store heat, making them suitable for cladding. With thinner panels, wood walls and wood ceilings offer low levels of energy consumption. That means that if you install wooden paneling it will offer acoustic and thermal insulation. This will keep your house warmer during winter months and cooler during the summer months.

A motivating reason for a lot of us is that wood is the most ecological raw material available. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly options when it comes to building. It is a natural product that does not necessarily require an industrial process in any of its stages of development and processing (planting, growing, maintaining and logging).

In addition, wood needs less power to process it than any other material such as steel, aluminum, plastics, cement, etc. It uses a biodegradable and renewable resource and does not pollute the environment. For that reason alone it’s an easy no-brainer to use natural wood paneling in your home, office and any other building you can dream of! 

A big seller for most people we talk to is just how beautiful natural wood looks, and how nothing really ever compares. Wood wall paneling is often associated with warm, rustic homes, as well as the luxurious interiors of Georgian or Colonial-style houses and has been used since the beginning of time. Whether you deck out your entire wall with paneling, or even just halfway up, this will give your home a sophisticated, cozy look that will also increase its value (And who doesn’t want that?).

Wood wall paneling is also very versatile, and comes in several varieties that can fit any home decor project, from wainscot and bead board, to shiplap and tongue and groove. Reclaimed wood is a rustic option for creating an accent wall. Wainscoting adds character to the bottom half of the wall with bead board or v-groove paneling. Board and batten paneling draws your eye upward with vertical boards, while shiplap serves as a horizontal wall treatment.

You can paint or stain paneling any way you want to suit your design tastes. The options are endless and the beautiful customization to the buildings you love are at your fingertips.

“Depending on the material and finish, wood paneling can add everything from warmth and texture to color and pattern to a space,” said Elissa Morgante, co-founder and co-principal of Evanston, Illinois-based Morgante Wilson Architects. “And it can be incorporated in nearly any design style, from traditional and elegant to modern and casual.” 

Bringing nature inside of our homes has many physical and mental benefits including but not limited to; reduces blood pressure, lowers heart rates, and stress levels, all while improving well being, creativity, cognitive abilities, and the air we breathe.

It is such a treat to have elements of the world around us within our homes, especially if we have a lack of outdoor time in our regular routines. One of the best things to do for yourself is to incorporate elements of nature in the indoor places you spend lots of time in! 

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