Welcome to Bear Creek Lumber’s Timberline Blog!
Family owned and operated, Bear Creek Lumber has been offering its specialty lumber services to the general public since 1977.

Bear Creek Lumber has a thirty year association with the finest mills in North America and we carry an inventory of top quality products administered and sold by a top notch professional staff. Their standard inventory includes hard-to-find American and Canadian softwoods and exotic hardwoods. You will find that the huge selection of grades and species kept in stock is unique.

The company’s freight department regularly ships these products to every corner of the country, including South Pacific and Caribbean destinations.

Over the years, Bear Creek Lumber has built up a reputation for quality products, services, fairness and dependability. It has gradually added a staff of trained workers who enjoy their work, and who like to discuss with their customers their special needs.

Bear Creek Lumber has been careful not to grow too quickly, preferring a low-key approach to business that keeps relationships between staff and customers friendly, while maintaining a professional business atmosphere.

The company keeps in touch with its many customers through this blog and a weekly email newsletter. 

Make sure you stay up to date by joining our email list here.

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