Why Cedar Will Save You Money + Other Energy Saving Tips

We all want to save money at the end of the day. No matter who you are, saving a buck will make your day just a little brighter so we’re here to save you more than just one with the information in today’s blog post!

We will focus on the benefits of using cedar in your home, and touch on other energy saving tips and tricks. Beautiful and timeless, cedar is a striking material that will enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Like many homeowners, you can see that cedar has a strong appeal and not only can it save you money on your energy bills, it also increases the visual appeal, and overall value of your home, office or rental.

Western Red Cedar Siding, Fascia, Trim and Timbers

So why will using cedar in your home save you money? 

Cedar is a low-density, soft wood, making it lightweight and a good insulator. Cedar siding traps air and prevents it from leaving your home. Most siding materials allow air to escape from the house, but with cedar’s natural insulating properties, it can help lower your energy bill throughout the year. It also is a great noise-reducer.

  1. Investing in cedar will help you save money as you use renewable energy. With sustainable cedar materials, you’re protecting the environment and decreasing waste.
  2. Cedar siding will provide superior insulation for your home, resulting in lower heating and other energy bill costs.
  3. It is sustainably harvested, renewable and compostable. You can feel good knowing that your decision to choose cedar helps protect the planet as well as your home.
  4. Quality cedar materials will boost your home’s overall worth. Cedar materials give your home an authentic touch that will honor its historical roots and enhance your local community.

Cedar Shingles vs Asphalt Shingles

  1. Cedar also has a better rating on wind resistance and impact for your roof.
  2. Cedar is also free from the toxic chemicals used to create asphalt and composite products.
  3. If you compare energy bills, homeowners with cedar vs asphalt shingles save on average 19 percent on the heating and cooling of their home on an annual basis.
  4. With good maintenance practices, you can preserve your cedar roof for years to come. It is naturally resistant to damage from many elements, including strong winds and rain, and can be even stronger with proper care.

Here are a few more ways you can save money and help keep your electricity costs low! 

  1. Turn things off-  That doesn’t just mean hitting the light switch when you leave a room (although that’s important, too). You should also make sure your television, computer, video game consoles, cable boxes, and digital video recorders are switched off when you’re not actively using them—or unplugged completely, if they light up or otherwise use energy even when powered down.
  2. Close your shades- Even though it may be a beautiful day outside, try to keep your shades closed as much as possible, especially when no one is home. The sunlight shining in your home may cause you to accumulate solar heat gain which will have your air conditioning working overtime to stay at the thermostat level.
  3. Close all of your cracks- If you add up all the gaps around the windows and doors in an average American house, you have the equivalent of a 3-foot by 3-foot hole in the wall. Caulk and weather-strip to seal off these air leaks, and use window putty to seal gaps around loose window panes. And stop heated or cooled air from escaping under doors by attaching “sweeps” or “shoes” to their bottoms.
  4. Check air filters- Checking air filters is a vital part of how to conserve energy, even though it may not be obvious. A dirty filter can cause your AC unit to work even harder to get to the optimum temperature, so it is important that they are changed regularly.
  5. Use appliances minimally- You don’t need to use appliances all the time. Only use dishwashers and washing machines when there is a full load and also use cool water when applicable. Be sure to change the dryer lint trap after every use and avoid using the heat dry function on your dishwashers.

Cedar siding is great for all homes, businesses or rental properties, no matter what size or architectural style. This species of lumber adds a fresh touch, and works well with many materials, building styles, and designs.

With good temperature resistance, cedar makes an efficient insulator, protecting any building it is on from extremes of temperature. Not a bad way to keep your energy bills down — as well as helping the planet!

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