How To Choose The Best Building Materials

Which lumber species will work best for your next project?

Whether you are building, remodeling or just taking on a small project, you will want to find the very best species of lumber to use in order to end up with the best results.

Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding

Western Red Cedar brags an even grain, flexibility and strength that is not comparable to most other species. The durability of Western Red Cedar (WRC) makes it an ideal choice for outdoor work because not only is it beautiful, but it can withstand the elements. Western Red Cedar is not easily penetrated by liquids and contains natural phenolic preservatives.

WRC thrives in humid climates and is often used to build in places like the Hawaiian Islands. One of the best qualities of Western Red Cedar is the fire retardant properties that it has, truly making it a great choice to build with, especially in fire prone climates.

Western Red Cedar is our main inventory item and we carry it in; siding patterns, paneling patterns, and boards for siding, trim and fascia. We also have WRC available for decking, beams, shakes and shingles.

The grades we have available are; Clear Vertical, A & Better, B & Better, C & Better, D & Better, and Select Tight Knot.  

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Ceiling Paneling

Alaskan Yellow Cedar carries a highly aromatic smell, decay resistant ( against water penetration and fungi) and is one of the hardest known cedars in the world. Another cedar that is great in the elements, and insect proof, not to mention beautiful and easy to work with.

One of the perks of Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC) is the low shrinkage factor and high thermal insulating value. AYC has been valued by boat makers for centuries, and is the top pick for floors, doors, decks, ceiling paneling, custom woodworking, and millwork, it is a malleable wood that is favored for carving.

High fire resistance for this species of lumber as well.

The grades we have available are; Clear Vertical, A & Better, B & Better, C & Better, D & Better, and Select Tight Knot.

Port Orford Cedar Boards

Port Orford Cedar is a very unique species of cedar, very strong and holds some of the same decay resistant qualities. Port Orford cedar (POC) has been called one of the strongest cedars in the world and is the preferred wood for Japanese architecture, boat building, railroad ties and fence posts.

POC is a light colored wood, meaning that it stains in a uniform fashion and looks great indoors or outdoors. Port Orford Cedar has a sweet-spicy smell and is great for decks or other areas with children due to the lack of splintering.

The grades we have available are; Clear Vertical Grain, C & Better, D & Better, Select Tight Knot and Standard & Better. 

Douglas Fir Post and Beam and Soffits

Douglas Fir is premium quality wood, and first pick for architects and engineers. Boasting a fantastic strength to weight ratio and bark that is highly resistant to diseases, pests and wildfire.

Douglas Fir is favored in decking, home construction and fencing in the United States due to its strength and resistance to many factors including storms and earthquakes. This wood also boasts large, straight grains and a consistently even texture. Thus, making it ideal for painting, staining and finishing work.

The grades we have available are; Clear Vertical Grain, D & Better, Select Deck, Select Structural, #1 & Better and #2 & Better. 

IPE is durable, beautiful and has many great qualities specifically for outdoor projects. IPE is considered to be one of the finest quality decking materials available and there are a handful of reasons why. IPE is naturally resistant to rot, naturally resistant to most insects, has great heat dispersion, is a sturdy dense wood, fire resistant, IPE is sustainably sourced and is overall a pretty low maintenance wood.

IPE has a very distinct patina, and a fine grain. A quality of IPE that is truly unique is that it requires no preservatives or additional treatments in order to be used in a project that has ground contact. IPE works well for decking, boardwalks, boat docks and foot bridges. If sealed, it will maintain its natural beauty, or left untreated it will turn to a gorgeous shade of silver gray. No sealers or treatments required and it will remain smooth, splinter free, and will not absorb water.

We only have Clear Grade IPE available.  

Ponderosa Pine is abundant in America and is used for medicinal purposes as well as building ones. Ponderosa Pine is a small amount of heartwood, and mainly sapwood. It is often used for paneling, trim, flooring, doors, windows, fascia, soffits and much more.

Ponderosa Pine is easy to get down to a soft, smooth surface and has a very pleasant aroma. Ponderosa Pine is not known for its strength, more for its beauty but is not affected by humidity which is great.

The grades we have available are; C & Better Clear, #2 Common, #3 Common, #2 Common Spruce, and #3 Common Spruce  

Reclaimed Wood Siding

Bear Creek Lumber is home to many species of wood, making it a one stop shop for almost everything that you may need, no matter the project. Whether you’re looking for decking, siding, interior paneling, poles, beams or anything in between – we have you covered. Since 1977 we have provided high quality lumber products and knowledge that goes hand in hand.    

Just in case you are looking for some Western Red Cedar for your next building project, request a quote here and/or call us at (800) 597-7191 with any questions.

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