Interior Design and Building Trends for 2022

What’s New and What’s Going Out Of Style in 2022

Ushering in the new year also means looking back at what was, and looking forward to the future. Interior design styles and trends are no different and have been massively impacted in the last couple of years.

One of the biggest things to note about the trends for this upcoming year is that they are mainly related to organic/natural colors textures, functional/sculptural furniture and decor, improved outdoor furniture and dual purpose rooms. All of these things increase the beauty factor of your home and increase the functionality of your home with people being indoors/at home more often.

Read on if you’re curious to see what’s trending this year and what trends we can finally say goodbye to!

Douglas Fir Interior Paneling and Ceiling Paneling

We have all seen and experienced the all white/all grey minimalist color scheme and decor since the 2010’s and had it’s peak not too long ago, but we can say goodbye to it now.

As people are spending more time in their homes, they don’t need pristine, and minimalist they need cozy and functional, without forgoing style. All white just really doesn’t make sense for most people, especially not when you factor in the increased foot traffic and people in the house at a time.

As we leave that look behind, we welcome in blue/green kitchens, fun textures, pops of color, peel+stick wallpaper, colors inspired by nature, shades of brown, nature inspired objects and travel inspired pieces.

All of these things work together to bring life and light into your home, and break out your space without needing to remodel anything. Embracing bringing nature into your home, makes you feel less disconnected from it.

Another rising trend for 2022 is out with matching furniture sets/mid century modern pieces/boxy sofas and in with colorful, mismatched, wicker, rattan, sculptural furniture and a lot of rounded edges.

More and more personal style is being reflected in our homes, and less in our wardrobes. Fashion statements have become a lot less important than interior design ones. Matching furniture sets aren’t unique and don’t scream “personal touch” and so it’s doubtful that they will remain very popular.

Unique identity and expression is being more and more emphasized and it is wonderful to see that reflected in peoples interior design choices. 

A trend that should have been over a while ago is non-functional decorative objects.

There was a time where anything that didn’t serve a purpose was the peak of the interior design craze, but now with the influx of people in their homes for prolonged periods of time, they expect more from the things around them.

Out with the oversized, clunky, useless objects taking up space and in with fashionable, practical items that look good and serve a purpose. Of course, sometimes you just want beautiful things around you and there is nothing wrong with that.

Now the balance is shifting to where more of the items in your home serve a purpose, while looking good and carrying out your sense of style and self expression. Vintage and sustainable accents are here to stay and will be adopted more with the “Granny Chic” style that is gaining popularity.

People want to feel cozy, safe and happy in their homes and nostalgic items are a perfect way to do that. Think of things your grandmother would have in her home, china dishes, antique laces, quilts, whimsical wallpapers, all things that feel very homey and welcoming. 

Open floor plans will quickly become a thing of the past with each room in the home being used more often, and likely for more than one purpose.

Dual purpose rooms and new builds with more rooms will grow in popularity and almost become a necessity. You can expect to see a rise in room dividers, curtains, partitions, faux walls and canopy furniture as the need for individual space is highlighted.

Within this you’re more likely to see industrial styling and a lot more “smart technology” inside of the home. Your home is no longer just a place to sleep and eat and be together as a family. For some of us, our homes are now the base for almost everything that we do and the trends for 2022 will 100% reflect that.

Say goodbye to barn doors and accent walls. Bright, large, chunky distractions like these will fade in popularity as more time is spent at home.

Stick and peel wallpaper is already becoming more common as it gives people a cheap and temporary way to spice up their interiors whether they are renting or own their home. Barn doors will be replaced more and more by pocket doors or french doors that are smoother, more timeless and functional.

No more uniform backsplashes, rustic ceramic tiling is in and looking really good. Ceramic tiling adds quirk and personality to any space and is a great addition to your home. 

Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding, Soffits, Fascia, and Trim

Another big trend is upgraded outdoor furniture. Most hosting and social events will continue to be held outside, furthering the need for high quality, beautiful outdoor furniture.

You will definitely see the variety or outdoor furniture expand a lot and the options increase as we go further into this year. Everyone’s patios are about to look better than their living rooms!

Creating really beautiful and functional outdoor spaces is another way to make your home feel bigger and to have more separation and space for the various members of your family.

This upcoming year make sure to look out for and embrace nature, color, sustainable materials and outdoor spaces.    

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