Build Beautifully With Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar (WRC) has been used for centuries to build homes, businesses and outdoor structures. The wood itself comes from an evergreen coniferous tree native to western North America and builders love it because it’s an excellent thermal insulator which protects buildings from extreme heat and cold.

WRC lumber is traditionally used for siding, decking, paneling, ceiling paneling, trim, cabinets, shingles, posts, outdoor garden projects and other purposes for which resistance to moisture and decay is essential.

If you’ve been debating whether or not to use WRC to complete your next project, let us tell you why it is your best choice. 

Durability and Resistance to Decay

The durable nature of Western Red Cedar makes it especially perfect for outdoors projects and building projects being constructed in places with high humidity. WRC is lightweight, highly durable and it is not easily susceptible to insect damage, fungi growth or moisture.

Western Red Cedar also maintains its original dimensions after being subjected to various types of weather which makes it ideal for exterior applications.

Western Red Cedar Siding

Weather Versatility 

Western Red Cedar is renowned for its high impermeability to liquids and its natural phenol preservatives, which make it ideally suited for exterior use and interior use where humidity is high.

The low density and presence of air spaces make it a fantastic building insulator. These insulating properties also help protect your building from extreme heat and cold. 

Fire Protection

WRC scores high on the flame and smoke development ratings. This means that Western Red Cedar can be used on the interior without needing to be treated. It also means that flames won’t spread as quickly due to the higher flame resistance.

Western Red Cedar Exterior Timbers

It’s an Historical Building Material

For thousands of years WRC has been seen as the “Tree of Life” by the PNW Coast First Nations, and they have used it to construct homes, canoes and totem poles, among other things. Even after all this time the classic red cedar is the preferred building material. 

All along the Pacific Northwest region you will find many buildings constructed with Western Red Cedar which have withstood the test of time and stand strong even today.

In fact there are many examples of historic wood buildings from the 16th century that are still standing in North America. Did you know that even the foundation of the Empire State Building rests on wood piles?


Wood is the only major building material that is renewable and in fact, for every Western Red Cedar tree that is harvested, at least 3 are planted. Not only that but WRC is also recyclable.

In addition wood products require much less energy to produce than concrete or steel do and wood-product manufacturing produces far fewer toxins and greenhouse gases than the leading man-made materials.

One of the amazing things about Western Red Cedar is that it comes in a beautiful range of natural colors ranging anywhere from smooth amber tones, deep reddish cinnamon and rich browns.

Western Red Cedar Boards

Color Variation

If you enjoy exposed heartwood, this might be the wood for you. The color variation allows your home to be unique and specific to your tastes. The classic image of a log cabin will always be associated to Western Red Cedar.  

Homeowners, builders and architects have enjoyed the versatility, beauty and building properties of Western Red Cedar for centuries.

It has been proven time and again to be the best choice for many construction projects. No other wood tops the charts in terms of durability, sustainability and weather protection like Western Red Cedar.    

Just in case you are looking for some Western Red Cedar for your next building project, request a quote here and/or call us at (800) 597-7191 with any questions.


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