DIY Toolkit: Essential Tools For Minor House Repairs

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When it comes to home and family, expenses are inevitable. With prices rising everywhere, every penny saved counts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save on home repairs too? Fortunately, if you have some of these common household tools, you don’t have to spend that extra cash on getting a repairman when you can DIY!

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Carpenter’s Square: Get both a speed square, which is hand-held, and a larger framing square when possible. Squares are great straightedges, tape measures and right-angle testers.

Utility Knife: Whether you call it a box cutter, razor knife, or any of several common terms, a utility knife is a DIY tool essential. Your utility knife makes quick work of slicing through drywall, carpet, linoleum, rigid foam insulation and many other materials. Keep a supply of razor blades in the knife’s hollow body.

Staple Gun: A staple gun comes in…

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